Bourses de la Fondation Mo Ibrahim

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation offers a range of academic scholarships to support aspiring leaders for the African continent. The scholarships reflect a range of priorities that tackle the different challenges in building leadership capacity in Africa. From a focus on the education of women in Sudan to support for historically marginalised Nubian people in Egypt, the Foundation is committed to showcasing the best talent from the African continent, particularly amongst those groups who are often denied the opportunity to contribute to their society’s development.

Investing in the future of young people in Africa is key to improvements in the continent’s governance. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. The Foundation is not providing a comprehensive programme of leadership development but instead choosing to highlight areas in which dramatic impact can be demonstrated when young Africans are given the opportunities they deserve to build their own and their countries’ futures.

"If we don’t take care of our future, if we don’t make sure that young people are really given opportunities to realise their potential then we cannot hope to develop our continent." – Mo Ibrahim


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