Cameroon – Exams Go Hitch-free in Douala

Exams Go Hitch-free in Douala

Students in the schools have begun writing some end of course exams.

Technical education students of French speaking background across the Littoral Region began writing the Probatoire F3, Baccalaureate F, Brevet de Technicien Superieur and Mécanicien Chimiste since May 26, 2009. Speaking to a supervisory official of one of the examination centres, Mrs. Edimo Ngom, a technical education instructor, she said the conduct of the examination has remained satisfactory. She added that the invigilators are working effectively, and that no cases of cheating have been reported. She however noted that three absences have been registered in Probatoire F3 and five absences BTS.

Mrs Edimo said they are very strict as far as letting the students go out of the campus is concerned. She said they have allowed women who sell food into the campus so as not to let the students leave the campus to buy food. They are only allowed to leave by 5:30 pm when the exams are over.

During a visit to some of the examination centres in Douala, the students had just finished with the first paper and were busy revising the next subject. Most of the students who spoke to CT complained that they had difficulties in mathematics because their speculations flopped. They complained that the questions came from some topics they did not have the opportunity to study because of time constraints.

A student of Eyengue Nkongo, which is a private technical school in Deido, Ebogo Nkague, of the electricity department, Probatoire F3, said the questions were within reach though some were really difficult. She said most of the questions were abstract and needed applied knowledge. Another student, Ngougni Tsague Yannick, said he faced difficulties with English Language. He added that mathematics questions which he speculated flopped. He said History and other subjects were not bad. But for Toumi Wandji of College Cplan of Probatoire F3, maths was his goliath. The various examinations are expected to end on May 30.

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