Cameroon – Lifting Cameroonian girls out of poverty

Cameroon – Lifting Cameroonian girls out of poverty
Science and technology education open new doors for rural girls in Cameroon
Unesco – [21/12/05]

Ever since she was a little girl, Martine had always dreamt of becoming a farmer. Yet these dreams were shattered when an unplanned pregnancy forced her to drop out of high school. Now 20, Martine is getting a second chance at learning. She is one of 120 girls participating in a pilot project for marginalized girls in rural areas of Cameroon.

Classes began for Martine and 60 other girls in Nkondjock last May, and one month later for 50 girls in Njombé-Penja. The courses are part of a pilot project launched in Cameroon to provide scientific, technical, and vocational education for girls aged 14-27. The project is run by UNESCO and the Rubisadt Foundation, an NGO promoting novel approaches to gender in science and technology education.

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