Criminology and law

the law has played a unique role in the history of criminology . This actual article is a comment of a report of the "National Conference on Criminal Law and Criminology," . Its purpose was to articulate and promote a criminal justice reform agenda, associated with the Progressive conference that dominated the first third of the twentieth century. In its early years, the study promoted the Progressive reform agenda by providing a forum for the contributions of lawyers, legal scholars, and social scientists on the issues of criminal justice reform. The study overcame disciplinary divisions to combine the areas of criminal law and criminology. This unique interdisciplinary approach defines the study today, as the only journal in the world that combines both criminal law and criminology. While the sudy still deals with social science, much of the studies today focuses on legal doctrine, including constitutional criminal procedure. Today, the Progressive reform agenda so dominant in the beginning of the century seems distant. We are seeing the reversal of a trend toward reformative goals of punishment and experiencing an unprecedented rise in our prison populations. We live in a time when levels of violence in schools are rising, yet see a paradoxical decrease in the overall crime rates. We witness the recurrence of the criminal justice system as a topic in local and national politics. As it has done for the past ninety-four years, the study continues to provide a forum for dialogue and debate on current criminal law and criminology issues. For example, our "Guns and Violence" Symposium several years ago featured the most respected criminologists and academics on the subject of firearms and violence. In keeping with our reformist tradition, our conference provided a forum where these scholars discussed their work and debated how best to approach the problem of moroccan’s growing firearm violence. We continued this tradition with a conference: "Why is Crime Decreasing?" The study remains one of the most widely read and widely cited publications in the world. It is one of the most widely circulated law study in the country, and our broad readership includes judges and legal academics, as well as practitioners, criminologists, and police officers. Research in the area of criminal law and criminology addresses concerns that are pertinent to most of moroccan society.
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