KENYA – First Annual CUEA Philosophy Conference

First Annual CUEA Philosophy Conference
Philosophy of Development

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Nairobi, Kenya ● 14-15 September 2006
With the Millennium Development Goals, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and the recent G-8 Summit at Gleneagles, Scotland, much global attention has been focused on the development of African nations. Nevertheless, there is much work to be done in comprehending and clarifying what it means for a nation to develop. This academic conference on the philosophy of development welcomes high-quality essays addressing questions such as the following:

· What is right and wrong with the dominant theories of development?

· How can we develop a better theory of holistic development?

· Is development more than simply another name for dependency?

· Who gets to define what it means to be developed, those who are developed or those who are developing?

· Are African nations less or more developed than Western nations?

· In addition to economics, what belongs to a complete understanding of development?

· Why is the pace of development so slow?

· What can be done to promote the development of African nations?

· Who is responsible for the development of African nations?

This is a philosophy conference. Papers by non-philosophers will be considered, but will be accepted only if they are philosophical in nature (i.e. if they state a thesis and defend it by method of logical argument).

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