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Milan, March 9th, 2009 –The new edition of the full-time Master of Business Administration, organized by SDA Bocconi School of Managment will be held starting in October 2009.

The SDA Bocconi MBA program is ranked among the top international MBAs. It opens doors to a network of diverse international relationships with talented people from about 30 different countries: over a hundred professionals with widely varied backgrounds. The integrated, innovative curriculum is based on real-world management knowledge, fully inclusive of the social dimensions of management issues.

The full-time MBA lasts 1 year and is run in two classes, in English. It is an intense program that maximizes learning chances in a limited scope of time.

The program is divided into four different “phases”, designed to build upon and complement each other:

Phase 1 – Towards Managerial Experience October 2009 – April 2010
Students start to look in depth at the five areas that are crucial for the success of any company or institution:

– Company Information: elaboration of the most reliable and useful company information;

Company Architecture: design and development of an economically efficient and socially viable company structure;
Company Operations: management of company operations (production, marketing and innovation);
Company Finance: assessment and financing of valid investment projects, defining, at the same time, an efficient system of protection from financial risks;
Company Competitiveness: successful company positioning in the markets in the light of economic prospects and government regulations and policies.

Phase 2 – Full-spectrum Management Skills May 2010
Many qualities are needed to be a successful leader: competency, communication, relational skills, vision, pragmatism, ethical sense, consistency, ability to negotiate and to solve conflicts, as well as to inspire and motivate people. In order to help participants to fit this profile, the MBA program fosters five areas of development:

Applied Decision Making- Making decisions in complex situations through large
scale Business Cases and Games;

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning – Plan and manage entrepreneurial ventures both in a start-up context and within existing corporations;
Leadership – Learn how to lead in Project Management and Change Management;
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility – The legal structure and the power games where companies operate;
Corporate Citizenship – Learn the relationship a socially responsible company undertakes with stakeholders.

Phase 3 – Action Learning: The Project June – August 2010
This is the time when participants put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. To fulfill the project requirements, students must complete one of the following four options:

Internship Project
Group Project
Entrepreneurial Project
Research Project

Phase 4 – Concentrations: September – October 2010
In the two final months of the Program students are given the opportunity to personalize their development path by studying the specific managerial subjects congruent with their preferences and abilities. Each year, more than 20 electives are offered during the Concentration phase, and participants have to choose seven subjects grouped into three main Concentrations issues which cover the most important fields in management:

Marketing and Innovation

As an alternative option for Phase 4, students can complete the last two months of the MBA at another leading international business school through an exchange program. Exchange options are available throughout Europe and North America, as well as in Latin America, India, China, Japan and Australia. Approximately the same number of incoming international exchange students will join SDA Bocconi MBA program, thus further adding to the diverse nature of the class.

The 35th edition of the MBA starts on 5 October 2009 and classes end on 29 october 2010.

In order to apply to the MBA Program, candidates must fill out and submit the online application form ( ) by 30th April 2009 and send all required documents by post to the following address:

SDA Bocconi Masters Division
Recruiting and Admissions Service
Via Balilla 18
20136 Milan – Italy
Tel. +39 02 5836 3228/3297/3299
Fax: +39.02.5836.3272

For more information:
Masters Division
Via Balilla, 18
20136 Milano
Tel. +39 02 5836.3278/3125

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