USA – Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.)

Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.)

Welcome to the innovative, three-year, practice-based Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Inspired by the recent endeavors and initiatives of some of the world’s best education practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and scholars, this new, multidimensional doctoral program is the very first of its kind. It integrates the fields of education, business, and public policy in visionary ways, offering students access to the vast intellectual and professional resources of HGSE, the Harvard Business School, the Harvard Kennedy School, and the other schools at Harvard. Its groundbreaking curriculum will harness students’ passion for education with the sophisticated professional, organizational, and political skills and experiences necessary to achieve systemic, transformational change.

This full-time, cohort-based program is ambitious in scope and transformative in purpose, multidisciplinary in design and collaborative in character, practice-based in its foundation, and far-reaching in the ways in which it promises to effect systemic change. It is a program for those with the vision, moral compass, and resilience of purpose to successfully translate their passion for education into extraordinary achievement. The program will provide its students with the conceptual tools, interdisciplinary knowledge, practical skills, and professional experiences needed to positively transform education for all children in the United States.

The program includes one year of a custom-designed core curriculum taught by faculty from HGSE, the Harvard Business School, and the Harvard Kennedy School, a second year of elective courses drawn from across the university, and a final yearlong residency with one of our partner organizations that are leading the way in improving education in America.

All students in the Ed.L.D. Program receive a full tuition funding package, which also includes stipend support in years one and two, as well as a paid residency in year three.

For information about fall recruiting events, please Connect with HGSE

For more information about the program, please visit Ed.L.D. Frequently Asked Questions


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