Funded PhD scholarship opportunity “Studying chromatin insulator elements and epigenetic gene regulation”

Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Supervisor: Dr. Adam G. West

It is well established that the genomes of multicellular organisms are organised into chromosomal domains that partition genes of different expression states. The failure of domain organisation is associated with a variety of human developmental disorders and progressive diseases such as cancer. Chromatin insulators are DNA elements that defend genes from surrounding chromatin by setting domain boundaries. We have recently identified several novel insulator factors that reveal new chromatin remodelling mechanisms of insulator function. We have also mapped insulator protein binding across the genome. Projects are available to study novel mechanisms of chromosomal organisation. There is also opportunity to use novel recombinase-mediate genome engineering technology to address insulator mechanisms and functions in vivo.

A three year PhD studentship is offered by the College for an October 2011 start. The scholarship will provide a tax free stipend at the UK Research Council rate, £13,590 in the first year, in addition to a generous research budget and UK/EU tuition fees. Students from outside the EU are also eligible to apply, but will need to show that they can source the additional international tuition fees. The studentship will be highly competitive and students will be appointed following interview.

You will work in the newly formed Epigenetics Unit at the Institute of Cancer Sciences, part of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, which will locate into state of the art facilities during the scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to send their CV and research interests to Dr. West prior to formal application to find out more about the project.


How to apply: Interested students should attach and send a cover letter stating why they are interested in this project along with their full CV to[email protected] by Thursday the 31st of March 2011. In the subject heading of your email please put “College studentship application”. In the body of your application email please state the project title and supervisor above.

Contact : Dr. Adam G. West
[email protected]






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