Within the framework of the "Pan~African e·network project" on National and Sub· regional Virtual Universities ot Cameroon, resulting fram cooperation between the Governments of India and Cameroon and the African Union,

The University of Yaounde in collaboration with Madras University of India hereby invites candidates to apply for a Masters Course in Information Technologies.


Courses shaU be entirely in English and by videoconferencing From Madras University, with on line and physical tutorials, and shalliast for two years, which is four sem esters. The courses shall include studies on the architedure of the computer, data banks, networks, multimedia systems, various java and network programming as weil as the internet and its applications.


The course is open to 011 dtizem of Cameroon and ail other countries of the Central African sub-region, who are holders of BA in computer studies, mathematics, physics, electrical- automatic ~ electronics.


Courses shaU commence in July 2011 at the National Viriual University Learning Center situated at the National School of Engineering Yaounde.


Application files shall be received up to April 18, 2011 at 3.30pm at the Sub-regional Virtual University Learning Centre situated in the New Pedagogie Block of the University of Yaounde 1.


Thistraining is subsidized by the Indian Government, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the University of Yaounde 1: as such, the annual tee per student shall be 50000 CFA F.


Only 100 places are avoUable. Candidates shall be seleded through the study of their academic files, and results published in late April 2011. Composition of the application file and further information con be obtained in the annexes to this invitation.




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