Mo Ibrahim Foundation Leadership Fellowship (jusqu’au 31 juillet 2011)

Position title: Mo Ibrahim Foundation Leadership Fellowship
Grade: NA
Position N°: NA
Reference: NA
Publication date: 07/04/2011
Closing date: 31/07/2011

Established in 2006, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation aims to support good governance and great leadership in Africa.  The Foundation works to:

Stimulate debate on good governance;
Provide criteria by which citizens and governments can measure progress;
Recognise achievement in African leadership and provide a practical way in which leaders can build positive legacies on the continent when they have left office;
Support aspiring leaders for the African continent.
The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (the “Foundation”), is financing the Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship position in the Bank. The Fellow will perform the functions and duties of the position at the Temporary Relocation Agency of the Bank in Tunis, Tunisia, the headquarters of the Bank in Abidjan, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, or any other location from which the Bank carries out its operations.

The Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship Programme is a selective Fellowship that prepares the next generation of outstanding African leaders by providing them with unique work opportunities at the most senior level of prominent African institutions or multilateral organizations, whose mandate is to improve the economic and social prospects of Africa. The Fellowship allows talented individuals to increase and enhance their professional capacity, with the intention of contributing to the governance and development of their countries thereby creating a pipeline of future African leaders. The Fellow  will work with the Bank for this purpose, for a period not exceeding twelve (12) months, and the Foundation will finance the costs associated with the position on the following terms:

Duties and responsibilities

The Ibrahim Leadership Fellow will take leadership guidance from the President, the Chief Operating Officer and/or a designated Representative. Administratively, the Fellow will be assigned to the Bank’s Strategy Department (STRG). With this guidance, the Fellow will contribute to the design and implementation of strategic assignments that will increase and enhance their professional and leadership capacity, with the intention of contributing to the governance and development of their countries. The Fellow will be also responsible to:

Advise on and develop strategic initiatives to advance the Bank’s mission and objectives;
Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating resources;
Conceive, develop and promote innovations in Bank development policies;
Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions;.
Undertake other duties as assigned.
Selection Criteria

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

The Fellowship is for young professionals, mid-career, and new executives. He/She shall be national of an African country, residing anywhere in the world;
He/She should not be an active, non-active, retired, or separated staff member of the Bank;
He/She should not have close family relations with an active or non-active staff member, such as mother, father, sister and brother.
Government officials, active military personnel and political party leaders are not eligible;
Under the age of Forty (40) years or Forty-Five (45) years for women with children;
Hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Economics, Engineering, Social Sciences, International Development, Business Administration, Finance, Banking or any discipline relevant to the Bank’s business: such as outstanding academic credentials, relevant work experience, strong communication skills, demonstrated leadership skills and ability to work with others ;
Have at least 8 years work experience relevant to the Bank’s activities;
Demonstrate proven leadership and consultative skills;
Experience in strategic planning and execution ;
Knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change management;
Enhanced skills in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures;
Experience in formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures;
Ability to develop financial plans and manage resources;
Ability to analyze and interpret financial data;
Ability to communicate and interact with officials at all levels of government and to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community;
Ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several projects;
Contract Terms and Duration

The Fellow will work with the Bank for this purpose, for a period not exceeding twelve (12) months, the Foundation will finance the costs associated with the position on the following terms: the fellow will receive an annual stipend monthly paid by the Bank out of the funds provided by Foundation funds. The Fellow may be required to travel to different locations on instructions of the Bank. All expenses related to the Fellow’s official mission travel, including travel insurance but excluding travel and shipping costs relating to assumption of duty and repatriation, will be borne by the Bank.
The selected Fellow will sign a contract with the Bank before commencement of service.
For the duration of his/her contract with the Bank, the Fellow will, for all operational purposes and purposes of conduct, be required to comply with the Staff Regulations and Rules of the Bank. Only the Bank and not the Foundation shall be entitled to direct and instruct the Fellow in his/her performance or conduct during the course his/her assignment with the Bank.
The Fellow is not an employee of the Bank, or not granted a right to employment with the Bank. There is no obligation to hire the Fellow and there is no presumption of future employment at the Bank upon expiration of the twelve (12) month fellowship Term. The Fellow shall not be eligible for recruitment as a staff member of the Bank for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of termination of his/her Fellowship with the Bank or expiration of the 12 month Fellowship term (whichever is sooner).
The Fellow shall not participate in the Bank’s child educational scheme and staff medical insurance and retirement plans
The Mo Ibrahim Foundation will ensure that the Fellow has his/her own medical insurance, child education and retirement plan arrangements.
The travel and shipping costs for the assumption of duty and repatriation at the end of the appointment will be borne and paid out of the Funds provided by the Foundation
The Selection Process:

Interested candidates shall send an application for becoming an Ibrahim Leadership Fellow along with their curriculum vitae providing details of education and relevant experience. Candidates interested in the World Trade Organization announcement are requested to apply to AfDB.

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