ORIENTATION – Getting Into the Best International Affairs Graduate Program

FPA U career seminars in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston  

will be starting in one month — registration is still open!


Careers in International Development  

* October 6 (New York City) * October 18 (Washington, D.C.) * November 3 (Boston) *


Who is hiring in development & where are the jobs? 

  • Current career opportunities in international development
  • Home office vs. field assignments, salaries, lifestyle
  • What employers are recruiting for right now

Getting Into the Best International Affairs Graduate Program 

* October 11 (New York City) * October 17 (Washington, D.C.) * October 24 (Boston) *


What is the best program and degree for your career goals? 

  • Examine the top International Affairs graduate programs in the U.S. & abroad
  • Valuable information on career options, financial aid, networking
  • Expert guidance on: applications, resumes, interviews, & exams

Landing a Job at the United Nations  

* October 12 (New York City) * October 19 (Washington, D.C.) * October 26 (Boston) *


Get your foot in the door at the world body

  • The various bodies of the U.N. system: what they are & which are currently hiring
  • National Competitive Recruitment Exam preparation
  • Non-traditional points of entry into U.N. employment

Working Around the World 

* October 13 (New York City) * October 20 (Washington, D.C.) * October 25 (Boston) *


International jobs: where they are & how to get them

  • Explore the wide array of international opportunities
  • Prepare for a global career: degrees, internships, training programs
  • Breaking into the field: resume & application guidance

Space is limited | Register at  WWW.FPAU.ORG

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