De l’importance de la lecture….

De l’importance de la lecture….

The U.S. Embassy is pleased to present each of the winning essays here.

Judith Fabien Atemga, Lycee Bilingue de Kaele, DDES Mayo-Kani
English (PDF- 50KB) | French (PDF – 53KB)

Younous Attassi, Lycee Mixte de Koussei, DDES Logone et Chari
English (PDF – 41KB) | French (PDF – 43KB)

Luc Nipeh a Tian, Lycee Classique de Mokolo, DDES Mayo-Tsanaga
English (PDF – 45KB) | French (PDF – 99KB)

Kolla Olive Haranga, Lycee Classique de Yagoua, DDES Mayo-Danay
English (PDF – 43KB) | French (PDF – 50KB)

Assiga Come Pamphile, Lycee de Mora, DDES Mayo-Sava
English (PDF – 84KB) | French (PDF – 44KB)

Manuela Eloumndene, College Jacques de Bernon, DDES Diamare
English (PDF – 51KB) | French (PDF – 96KB)

Hortense Cabara Marngata, Lycee Bilingue de Maroua, DDES Diamare
English (PDF – 44KB)

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