Euro-Mediterranean Innovation and Entrepreneurship Diploma

The programme aims to equip potential entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to implement a project, manage an entrepreneurial enterprise &/or transform an idea into an innovative and sustainable business.

This Diploma is designed for students seeking to pursue a business venture or manage an entrepreneurial enterprise. Students will be exposed to the practical application of business and entrepreneurship theories in entrepreneurial planning, governance, management, marketing, finance, and the online experience involved with running a business.

Successful applicants to the programme must:
̵ Be younger than 40 years old on October 1, 2016
̵ Have Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
Business or Economics fields
̵ Demonstrate proficiency in the English language (according to the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages
– CEFR, level C1)
̵ Demonstrate entrepreneurial thinking and ambition through the submission of a
framework for an entrepreneurial project, which is part of the application form.
Application Process and timeline
The application deadline is July 31, 2016

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