This is what 12-year-old Waibai did after using the internet for the first time in Cameroon

For every child | a digital bridge

In Cameroon, access to quality education – including internet access – is challenging. Violence in neighbouring Central African Republic and Nigeria has sent over 300,000 refugees into the country. More than 300,000 Cameroonians have also been displaced – and two thirds are children.

The majority of these displaced children live in remote areas and don’t benefit from the same quality of learning as those living in urban centres – especially digital learning. If they do have access to education, these children may learn about the internet, but not use it. As a result, the digital divide widens, and at-risk children have even fewer chances to succeed.

But there is reason for optimism. By connecting remote schools and students to technology, one new initiative has begun to bridge the divide, starting with those who need it most in northern Cameroon.


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