CAMEROON – Fair Crowns Education Week

Fair Crowns Education Week

The U.S embassy in Cameroon yesterday at the Yaounde Public Library organised an "Education Fair" designed to help Cameroonian students, educators and researchers better understand the educational opportunities available in the United States, as well as to underscore the importance of education in general. The event marked the end of the International Education week.

Present during the fair was the Secretary General at the Ministry of Culture, Mr Thomas Fozein Kwanke, who lauded the activities of the U.S Embassy and the Association for the promotion of Library Information Resources, (ASPID), stating that the objectives achieved by the International Education Week are totally shared by the government. According to the Secretary General, access to knowledge is an essential springboard in consolidating Cameroon’s democracy. The U.S ambassador’s wife, Mrs Judi Marquardt, highlighted the underlying theme of the week which is "mutual understanding".

During the Fair, posters, brochures and handouts on studying in the U.S were distributed to the population. Students learned about the U.S Higher Education, qualifications to study there, the academic background and the adequate financial resources. Also, the film "Exploring New Worlds" was projected to students. It explained the process to successfully study in the United States.

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