Columbia’s core values

Columbia’s core values
MBA Admissions Director Linda Meehan is looking for team players with quality work experience and an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

Q: Has there been an upturn in the number of applications this year?
Meehan: No, it’s very similar to last year. It’s a little early to tell, but they probably will be either flat or down.

Q: What type of person is a good fit for Columbia?
Meehan: We’re looking for interesting people who are involved and want to contribute. We also take into consideration the ability to work well in teams.

Q: Does Columbia look at an applicant’s total GMAT score or at his individual scores for the verbal and math sections?
Meehan: We look at the GMAT score in its totality, and we separate it to look at the applicant’s verbal and quantitative abilities. We admit people within a wide range of scores. It is more about the whole application than individual parts.

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