Fellowships for International Students in Netherlands

Fellowships for International Students in Netherlands

Masters, PhD and Short Courses

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) are demand-driven fellowship programmes designed to foster capacity building within organizations in 57 developing countries by providing training and education to their mid-career staff members. As of 1 January 2009 the NFP country list will be extended with Burundi, DR Congo, Kosovo and Sudan.
50% of the available fellowships should be awarded to fellowships for female candidates, and 50% of the available budget should be spent on candidates from sub-Saharan Africa. Apart from this, priority is given to candidates from deprived groups and/or from marginalized regions.
The NFP are funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the budget for development co-operation.

Employer support
The need for education and training must be linked to the institutional development of the organization the applicants are working for. This means that applicants must be nominated by their employers. In fact, applications without the support of an employer will not be considered.

NFP sub-programmes
Fellowships for master’s degree programmes
Fellowships for PhD studies
Fellowships for short courses

NFP master’s, NFP short courses and NFP PhD studies award fellowships to individuals. NFP also finances refresher courses for NFP alumni who would like to prolong the effect of earlier learning and update their knowledge and skills.

Applying for NFP
Applicants for PhD studies, master’s degree programmes or short courses must first gain academic admission to the course of their choice before applying for a fellowship through the Netherlands embassy or consulate in their country. Also, they can only apply for an NFP fellowship if the course is on the NFP course list for that particular year.
In all cases, applicants are advised to contact the Netherlands embassy, consulate or Neso well in advance for specific instructions, and to inquire about specific local procedures and deadlines, requirements and selection criteria. These may differ from the general information provided on Nuffic’s website or in the brochures.

More information
More information about NFP, including the application forms, are available at Netherlands embassies and consulates, Neso offices or from this website under the three different sub-programmes as mentioned above.

NFP country list
To be eligible for an NFP fellowship, applicants must be a national of one of the following countries. (Note: as of 1 January 2009 the NFP country list will be extended with Burundi, DR Congo, Kosovo and Sudan.)

More at nuffic.nl

Download the application deadlines 2009 [pdf]
Afghanistan El Salvador Namibia
Albania Eritrea Nepal
Armenia Ethiopia Nicaragua
Autonomous Palestinian Territories Georgia Nigeria
Bangladesh Ghana Pakistan
Benin Guatemala Peru
Bhutan Guinea-Bissau Philippines
Bolivia Honduras Rwanda
Bosnia-Herzegovina India Senegal
Brazil Indonesia South Africa
Burkina Faso Iran Sri Lanka
Cambodia Ivory Coast Suriname
Cape Verde Jordan Tanzania
China (excl. Hong Kong and Macao) Kenya Thailand
Colombia Macedonia Uganda
Costa Rica Mali Vietnam
Cuba Moldova Yemen
Ecuador Mongolia Zambia
Egypt Mozambique Zimbabwe

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