Italie – Master Program In Fashion, Experience & Design Management


Milan, July 2008 – It will be held in January 2009, the Master Program in Fashion, Experience & Design Management (MAFED), organized by SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Day after day fashion and design-based companies have to solve the trade-off and potential tensions between management and creative people responsible for style, design communication and visual identity. Moreover, companies ask for managers with the ability to manage their business, acting as facilitators of creative people while coping with the constraint of timing and the fickleness of consumers. A new management approach is therefore essential.

Participants are prepared for filling specific professional roles such as business unit/brand manager, licensing manager, area manager, retail manager, product manager, communication manager and supply chain manager. Yet, all roles will share a common understanding and vision about the culture of excellence, a result oriented creativity and a sensitivity for aesthetics and market trends.

The program key points are:

held in Milan, the well-known international capital of fashion and design;
targeted to international graduate students with backgrounds in management or in humanities;
an exclusive faculty made up of academics, industry experts and professionals from leading fashion, design and experience-based companies;
the support of the partnership between SDA Bocconi and Altagamma, the association of leading Italian companies competing in the high-end of the market of different industries;
a variety of teaching methods: case studies, company visits, guest speakers, role playing;
team and individual projects in leading Italian and international fashion and design-based companies;
extra-curricular activities, including an Italian language course.

In order to apply to MAFED participants should have:

degree in any discipline;
2 years of work experience;
knowledge of Italian (recommended).
Trough MAFED companies can get in touch with and hire young international managers, with a deep knowledge and passion for fashion & design based industries:

MAFED trains young professional talents for the most sought after positions in areas such as merchandising and product management, branding, retail and store management, business development, licensing, communication and PR.
MAFED students on average come from more than 20 countries, speak several languages fluently, are about 25-27 years old, and have on average 2 years of work experience;
companies can offer research projects to students;
participating in MAFED class activities as guest speakers represents a unique opportunity to share ideas within a stimulating “think tank” where companies can arise their brand awareness and become familiar with MAFED students for recruiting opportunities.

In order to apply the MAFED Program, candidates must fill in the MAFED online application from no later than July 29th, 2008 and send the original documents required to the following address:

SDA Bocconi School of Management
Masters Division
Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management – MAFED
Via Balilla 18
20136 Milan – Italy
Tel. +39 02 5836 3168
Fax+39 02 5836 3232
Email:[email protected]

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