MBA Wharton (USA) – Record d’admission d’étudiants africains

MBA Wharton (USA) – Record d’admission d’étudiants africains
Source: Wharton African Students Association (15 mai 2006)
Class of 2008 – Record # of admits and matriculated students
Unlike previous years of much less than 75% conversion of admits into matriculated students, this year has seen over 90% conversion. Out of 36 extended offers for round 1 & 2, 33 have matriculated making this the largest WASA class yet. We are still awaiting more news on the waitlist and round 3 offers and we believe the numbers will go up.
As I have recently learnt in my marketing class about the 80-20 rule, it was not surprising to see close to 80% of the matriculated students represent three big players: Nigeria (13), Kenya (6) and Uganda (5). We hope to see more admits and more balance in later years…..

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