MBA – 13th Annual Africa Business Conference, Harvard Business School


Welcome to the 13th Annual Africa Business Conference, hosted by the Africa Business Club, a member of Student Clubs of HBS, Inc. at Harvard Business School. This conference is the world’s largest student-run event focused on business in Africa. It brings together over 900 participants and is the ultimate networking opportunity for business and community leaders, corporate sponsors, students, and educators from around the world, passionate about Africa. The conference will be held on campus at the Harvard Business School in Boston on Saturday, February 19, 2011. 

The theme for the 2011 conference is Your African Legacy: Defining the Contribution of the Next Generation. This conference is all about exploring opportunities for the next generation to engage in Africa’s emergence as a business center.

As such, we invite you to grapple with the question "What will your African Legacy Be?" Several of us have answered this question, and we encourage you to do so as well. Our collective answers to this important question will go a long way towards ensuring a bright future for our continent.


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