2012 Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism – Call for Entries

The call for 2012 submissions is now open. The deadline for receipt of submissions is midnight (London time) 31st May 2012. 

Each year a call for submissions is made, usually in the first quarter, and a deadline set for receiving entries. An online entry form is provided on this website during the submission period and details for postal entries are also given.

Each entrant is invited to submit up to three articles published between the previous year’s deadline and the latest deadline in any type of print-based media, including newspapers and magazines, or in established online publications. Blogs and personal websites are not eligible.

There are two categories:

  • For a freelance journalist covering international news; and
  • For a local reporter covering events within their home country or region.

The stories can be about conflict, human rights, cross-border issues, corruption, or any other controversial matter in a particular country or region. Each submission must demonstrate professionalism, meet international journalistic standards and provide evidence that courage and determination were required in covering the story.

Entrants must complete the entry form (either an online version or a PDF for printing and posting) and supply supporting documentation such as a CV or resumé about their education and journalistic experience, a passport-type photo and an English translation if their entry has been published in another language. A statement about what was involved in getting the story is also required.

Incomplete submissions are liable to disqualification.

We do not accept any entries made outside the submission call period.

More information about how to apply.

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