PORTRAIT – Kader Kaneye, fondateur du African Development University au Niger

“HARVARD MADE ME FEEL THAT everything is possible, even beyond my craziest dreams,” says Kader “Kad” Kaneye MC/MPA 2017. “I had the idea, and a plan for a new university in Niger, but Harvard is a place that moves you from the realm of dreams to the realm of reality.”

Kaneye grew up modestly—he spent his early years in a mud house without clean water—but education was important to his family. His father taught high school before becoming a consultant for the World Bank and founding his own firm. By the time Kaneye graduated from high school as one of Niger’s top students, he was able to study in Paris.

After graduating and landing a job at one of Niger’s largest accounting firms, Kaneye began to volunteer at a private business school.

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