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Noah: Hello and welcome to the second episode of A Day In The Life of Noah. With limited vocabulary, I will be telling you the several activities that I do during the day as a high school student

Noah: Episode 2, a conversation in a wedding

Today will be a very big day I thought; my mom’s co-worker was going to be married today. The church where it was going to take place was far away from home, so we had to drive there as soon as we finished lunch at noon.

The ride there was mostly uneventful, with the exception of what to expect once we get there. “Be sure to act very formal” My parents would keep saying to me on the way.

Even though we were early, there were still a lot of people here in the church. My parents must have known them, because they talked to several of the guests. We were all dressed well. Men had a suit, and women had a dress

We all took our seats, eager for the wedding to begin. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the music began to play.

I then realized that the person standing at the middle of the church was the groom, and on the other end of the hallway, I saw the bride

She was wearing a wedding dress, along with a veil and a bouquet of flowers, while the groom was wearing a tuxedo.

Once she was at the center after being escorted by her father. They each made their promises to each other by the priest, known as marriage vows.

The priest then asked if there were any objections to the marriage, in which no one responded. The priest then responded with “ Because they have exchanged their vows before God and these witnesses, have pledged their commitment each to the other, and have declared the same by joining hands and by exchanging rings, I now pronounce that they are husband and wife.”

There was then a wave of applaud as the newlyweds kissed and eventually walked down the hallway. We all then headed to the wedding reception.

The trip from the church to the reception was short, to my surprise. When my family and I went in, we were met with a warm welcome and lots of food.

We were greeted by the newlyweds, who were in a very happy mood We all greeted them back, and then we were taken to our seats in the very big dining room

The food overall was very good, with the selections being steak, pasta, fish, mashed potatoes and several other dishes that I didn’t know existed in the multi-course dinner

Once we had dessert, which had ice cream and cheesecake, the newlyweds went up to the center and were then followed by the brides father, and the best man.

They each made their speeches, which were warm-hearted, and very funny. After that, a video was put on showing the newlyweds growing up and eventually meeting each other.

Finally, the wedding ended as the ceremony for the newlyweds departure started. They were thrown birdseed as a tradition, and were applauded by all the guests in the dining room.

As a sign of respect, the newlyweds were first to depart the reception, followed by everyone else as the day ended.

A wedding is an event that follows a marriage between two people. Weddings can vary based on culture, class, or ethnicity. In this episode, I attended it what is called a white wedding. White weddings are very common in western culture. For weddings like these, the bride wears a white wedding dress, which consists of a white wedding g dress, and a veil. As for the groom, he either wears a suit if the wedding is taking place in the morning or a tuxedo for the night. The wedding could take place in a wide variety of locations, however the most common is a church. Participants to the ceremony include friends and family from both the bride and the groom, with some of them holding positions such as the best man, and the maid of honor. In addition, there would be a priest or a government official that would officiate the marriage. The ceremony starts when the bride, accompanied with a relative or not, heads down the aisle to go to the groom, while the wedding march plays. If the wedding is religious, then the ceremony would start with a prayer or a ritual greeting, accompanied with a bible reading. During the ceremony, the bride and groom would each make marriage vows to each other. After this, the newlyweds would depart through the aisle as guests cheered them and threw flower petals in tradition. Afterwards, they would go into a room to register their state-issued marriage license. Once the wedding finished the newlyweds and the guest would head to the wedding reception. The wedding reception is a party held by the newlyweds after the completion of the wedding. The location of the reception can vary between cultures and economic class, but for several newlyweds in America, the ideal reception is in a dining room. The reception could either start with a receiving line or a Grand Entrance depending on the location of the reception in the United States. One of the hosts may introduce the wedding party to the guests. Throughout the reception foods would be served throughout courses and the wedding cake would be displayed and eventually eaten in the dessert stage of the reception. In addition, toasts would be held before or after dinner in which the best man would wish the couple well in their endeavors. Other accommodations include dancers, comedians and DJ’s. As the reception concludes, the newlyweds are the first to go out as they are thrown rice or birdseed by the guests.

Quiz from this episode:

Question 1: Who invited the family true wedding?
My moms coworker. A coworker is someone who works alongside with one in an organization, usually having the same qualities and/or level. Ça se traduit par “Un collègue” en français.

Question 2: What did I have to wear for the wedding?
A suit. A suit is a set of clothing made by the same fabric typically used together. It consists of either a jacket and trousers or a jacket and a skirt

Question 3: Where did we go after the wedding?
The wedding reception venue. A wedding reception venue is an event that usually takes place after the wedding ceremony. It is accompanied with food, drinks, and entertainment. Ça se traduit par “Une réception de mariage” en français

Question 4: what was the main dessert in the reception venue?
The wedding cake. A wedding cake is usually the main dessert served to both the newlyweds and the guest present at the reception. The cake usually comes in 2 or more tiers, and it’s usually covered in icing. Ça se traduit par “Un gâteau de mariage” en français

Question 5: Who was the crucial member that declared the groom and the bride married in the wedding?
The priest. A priest is a minister of the catholic, orthodox, and Anglican church who has authority to perform certain rites and sacraments during mass and other religious events. Ça se traduit par “Un prêtre” en français

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