15 minutes par semaine pour apprendre l’anglais avec Noah : A day in school

A day in School

by Sety Noah Tekeu

15 minutes par semaine pour apprendre l'anglais avec Noah
15 minutes par semaine pour apprendre l'anglais avec Noah
A day in School


Noah: Hello and welcome to the third episode of A Day In The Life of Noah. With limited vocabulary, I will be telling you the several activities that I do during the day as a high school student
Episode 3: A day in School
There I was, sitting on the school bus with my friends, going to another day of school. With the time we had together, we talked about the upcoming tests we had for our classes and what we were expecting for school. 
The conversation was long  and soon enough, we were at the entrance of our school. We took our backpacks and school supplies.
My first out of seven classes was Math, which was where I had one of the tests. I had studied the night before, but the room still felt tense as the test was being handed out. Thankfully, the test did not have anything I did not expect, so I was able to complete it in time, feeling like I did a good job. I wish I could say the same to my friend, who had a hard time on the test.
My next class was science, and I was waiting for this class because we would be doing an experiment. In preparation, we put on our lab suits for safety and then went to our lab station with our groups. The lab was to see how bacteria grew. The lab itself was very interesting. Once we got the data we needed and submitted the assignment to our teacher, we spent the rest of the class relaxing, as we finished early.
The next class was social studies, where we talked about the types of government. I found it interesting. We then did an activity that reviewed what we leaned that class
The class after that was physical education. For today, we played football. The class was split up into two teams and the team that scored 3 goals wins the game. The game started off pretty calm, with just passes. However, all of a sudden, they scored a goal, and then another one right after kick-off when we lost possession of the ball. We were shocked, but we didn’t give it. I started the momentum when I did a pass that led to a goal. Unfortunately, that momentum was stopped after a late game-winner by the other team. “You can’t have everything,” I said to my teammates.
After the game, I felt very hungry. Thankfully, we had lunch. Unlike most schools, my school had the privilege of allowing students to eat lunch off-campus. For today, my friends and I went to eat at a park near the school. I ate pasta and meatballs. It was nice to get a bit of fresh air before we went back to class.
After lunch, was an English class. We worked on English figurative language. We worked on making paragraphs including the use of figurative language.
After English was band class. We did a rehearsal on the 3 songs that we will be playing for the concert next month. I thought we played very well, and the teacher was very happy with our performance and my musical skills with the saxophone.

Now, it is time for some questions and answers. I will be asking a couple questions about what I have just told you. I will give you a few seconds to think about the answer. Then I will provide you with the answer, a definition. and a translation. 

Question one: why was I eager for science class?
The answer for question one is: We had a science experiment. A science experiment is a procedure carried out to confirm or refute a hypothesis. Ça se traduit par “Expérimentation scientifique” en français.

Question two: why was I stressed for my math class?
The answer for question two is: I had a test. A test is an examination of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject.Ça se traduit par “Un examen” en français.

Question three: during lunch, where did my friends and I go for lunch? The answer for question three is the park. A park is a large green area used for recreation. Ça se traduit par “Un parc” en français.

Question 4: what instrument do I play? The answer for question 4 is the Saxophone. A saxophone is a wind instrument member used commonly in jazz. It also has a single-reed mouthpiece. Ça se prononce et s’écrit de la même manière en français.

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