15 minutes par semaine pour apprendre l’anglais avec Noah : Election night

Election night

by Sety Noah Tekeu

15 minutes par semaine pour apprendre l'anglais avec Noah
15 minutes par semaine pour apprendre l'anglais avec Noah
Election night


Hello and welcome to the fifth episode of A Day In The Life of Noah. I will be telling you the several activities that I do during the day as a high school student

Episode 5 Election night

Today would be a very important day. Not only for myself but possibly for people all around the world. It’s Election Day! Hopefully we will know who our president is for the next four years.

My parents won’t be able to vote, since they aren’t citizens. My brother and I couldn’t vote either because we were too young.

The coverage for the election started this evening, my parents were finishing up work, but I was able to watch it early on

I was in a call with my friends. We planned on watching the election for as long as we could. The two presidential candidates for this election were Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Donald trump is a republican and was the current president who was running for the next four years as the president, while Joe Biden is a Democrat who was also running to be president

This was the first time my friends and I have watched the presidential election, and we all knew that this election would be very important to many people across the US. We all were eager to watch it after watching the previous 2 debates from the presidential candidates.

The election finally begun when the ballots started to come in. Either candidate needed at least 270 electoral votes to win the election, and I knew that it would take a couple of hours for all of those votes to be counted.

For the first couple hours, some states were starting to be projected as to which candidate will win that state, furthermore who will gain the electoral votes of those states. The electoral votes of California and New York would be going to Joe Biden. These were key states as they had a large number of electoral votes due to their large population.

During all of this, trump has also won a lot of states in the south and some in the central part of the US which made trump have 100 fewer electoral votes than Biden. However the election was not over yet since there were several states that could alter who won the election.

During all of this, both candidates were making speeches to the nation. In addition, social media included a lot of info about the election, including how and where to vote. My friends and I were talking about each of the presidents policies and how it could change America

While we were in this discussion, we got distracted when we realized trump won Texas and Florida , a huge state with a lot of electoral votes. When trump won Texas, the gap between trump and Biden decreased by over 90, putting trump back in the race

It was getting very late and my friend and I needed sleep. My friends thought trump might win since the majority of states that didn’t have a winner were seen to be leading In trump votes, I reminded them that the mail-in ballots weren’t counted yet, which were important since several news sources states that mail in ballots were favored by democrats.

Once we finished our civil discussion, we looked at the electoral map of the US one more time, and we wished each other a good night. The election would go on through tomorrow I assumed.

Now, it is time for some questions and answers. I will be asking a couple questions about what I have just told you. I will give you a few seconds to think about the answer. Then I will provide you with the answer, and a definition.

Question 1
Who were the 2 presidential candidates

The answer is Joe Biden and Donald Trump
A presidential candidate is a person who is nominated to be president of the United States of America. In America, there are usually 2 candidates that would compete to be the next president for 4 years. In addition, the candidates usually are a democrat and a republican.

Question 2
What did either presidential candidate need to win the election

The answer to question 2 is at least 270 electoral votes. This is a part of the electoral system which determines who will be president. The number of electoral voters in each state depends on the population of the state.

Question 3
What was I watching during this episode

The answer to question to question 3 is the election. An election is a practice where people vote for someone to be in a position. This practice is common in the United States and several countries around the world as a way to determine who will hold a political position.

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