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Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of A Day In The Life of Noah. I will be telling you the several activities that I do during the day as a high school student

Hello and welcome to the second episode of A Day In The Life of Noah. I will be telling you the several activities that I do during the day as a high school student

Episode 6: Thanksgiving

Today is the day that every American enjoy, thanksgiving! It was a time to express our great fullness and best of all, to have an amazing dinner.

I knew that this thanksgiving dinner would be amazing since my parents had to get Turkey and many of the other ingredients from an expensive restaurant. 

The thought of what I was going to eat made me very hungry throughout the day. I would eat some snacks but not a lot since I didn’t want to be full when dinner came.

To make time go by faster. I went on a call with my friends and we played some games together. Also, I did homework my teachers assigned me for the holidays.

The turkey had to be prepared for hours, so when my parents called me saying dinner was ready, I went downstairs my stomach grumbling. When I saw the dinner table, I knew I was going to be very full by the end of dinner. There was the main course which was Turkey, and there were other foods and sauces, including gravy, cranberry, stuffing, and pie

Before we ate, we gathered in prayer and said what each of us was grateful for. I said I was grateful that I had a supportive family. Once that was finished, we went on with our dinner.

Once I got my piece of Turkey, I put the gravy on it to add some flavor. As expected, it tasted really good. The stuffing and the cranberries to the side made this dinner even more delicious.

Time went by eating and when I was done, I felt very bloated. To ease things off, I finish my dinner with apple pie and some tea. With all the protein I ate, something as sweet as the pie was very delicious, and along with the tea to clear up any aftertaste. I ended the night with a full stomach.

Now, it is time for some questions and answers. I will be asking a couple of questions about what I have just told you. I will give you a few seconds to think about the answer. Then I will provide you with the answer, and a definition.

What was the main event for this episode?

The answer to the question is thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a traditional American holiday that roots back to the early 17th century. It’s also an event to celebrate all of the blessings during that year.

Question 2
What was the main course for thanksgiving? 

The answer to question 2 in Turkey. A Turkey is a large game bird that originated in America. It is well valued in many American holidays, especially thanksgiving

Question 3
What did I do before eating dinner?

The answer to question 3 is prayer. Thanksgiving is closely associated with religion. When it was first celebrated, pilgrims and puritans would thank god for their blessings of that year.

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