BOURSES – Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cambridge

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be a citizen of an African country* and demonstrate that they are from an economically marginalised, or economically disadvantaged, background.
  • Must be ordinarily resident * in an African country unless you can show temporary absence for study/work with an intention to return or unless you have been displaced.**
  • Must be applying for a Master’s course of up to one year in length at the University of Cambridge.
  • Prospective Scholars can apply across a wide range of disciplines.***

* evidence will be required at a later stage of the Scholarship selection process.

** see for further information about support available to refugees at Cambridge University.

*** exceptions are the Master of Accountancy, Business Administration, Master of Corporate Law, Master of Finance, MASt, MSts.


  • For applicants with a 1 December 2022 funding deadline, you need to submit your fee waiver form at least five working days before the course deadline (by 25 November 2022);
  • For applicants with a 5 January 2023 funding deadline, you need to submit your fee waiver form by 19 December 2022;
  • For applicants applying for a reimbursement of their application fee, you need to have completed the form by 5 January 2023. MORE

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